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Are only seeing a dismal 1-3% conversion rate in their marketing funnels.


Because they're using typical, run-of-the-mill offers that are easily ignored and create ZERO prospect engagement.

Now the ONLY way to fix this... and start getting a lot of new customer sales for you...

Is by making sure you have a high-conversion offer in place.
Specifically, a Rain Maker Funnel offer, which I will walk you through in just a minute.

Now this is an offer that can produce double digit sales conversions for you... 

With your Rain Maker Funnel offer, producing a double digit conversion rate, you're getting 3 to 10 times more new customers than the average entrepreneur, and it brings you quicker profits, with the ability for you to enjoy much more traffic from even the best, most competitive traffic sources.

Now it begins with you understanding the wildly recognized 40/40/20 principle of direct marketing. A simple formula based on the following three facts. 
  • 40%: 40% of your marketing campaign success is based on who you're targeting. The Right Audience and prospects for your type of product of service. 
  • 40%: Another 40% of your campaign success is based on the type and quality of offer that you present. 
  • 20%: The final 20%, the least contributor to your marketing campaign success, is based on the copy, the words, and the graphics. 
The Single Most Important Factor For Generating NEW Customers...
Is how you've put together your offer and how you present your offer.

Fact is, your offer can make or break your entire marketing campaign no matter how nice your web pages may be, how slick the graphics are, and how much you've agonized over every word throughout the campaign.

Fact is, with the right offer, your Rain Maker Funnel offer, you can see double, triple, even quadruple the number of new customer sales compared with an average, run-of-the-mill offer.

And this is why I want you to pay close attention as I show you how we put together your own Rain Maker Funnel offer.

First, imagine that I've asked you to sell two cars for me.

One is a brand new 2018 gunmetal Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe. Gorgeous. Fully loaded. Outfitted with every bell and whistle that you can have. Valued around $90,000.

Now the other car that I've asked you to sell for me is a discolored 1973 Volkswagen Thing. 163,000 miles. Original parts. No air conditioning, and a blown gasket. Valued around $7,500.
"Think Fast" Funnel Challenge
So what are my instructions to you?

I want you to Sell each car for $30,000!

Now let me ask you...

How Much Sales Skill Does It Take To Sell A Brand New, $90,000 Jaguar... For $30k?

Yeah, not a whole lot. 

How about the Volkswagen Thing? How much marketing and sales skill do you think it will take to sell a beat up, $7,500 vehicle for $30,000?

Yeah, a heck of a lot. If you'd even be able to sell it at all.

Now with the Jag, it'd actually be difficult to screw up the sale. A simple ad on Facebook and maybe a little landing page would likely do the trick. You wouldn't have to be a master copywriter, or a slick salesman, a tech wizard or some marketing automation guru. And you'd probably have more calls and interested buyers than you could handle.

But the the Volkswagen Thing?

Man, oh man. You better have some serious marketing chops to sell that bad boy.

What's The "Difference" Between The
Volkswagen & The Jaguar?
Simple. The offer.

The offer for the Jaguar, in this case, an extremely low price, is over the top. A no brainer. A slam dunk. 

The offer for the Volkswagen Thing? Nothing special. Run-of-the-mill. 

Remember, as long you're targeting the right people, the offer plays the biggest role in making the sale.

With the right offer, the more sales you enjoy. The more average your offer? The less sales you enjoy.
Turning 10% Or MORE Of Your Prospects Into
Brand New, Hyper-Engaged Buyers
So What Exactly Is A "Rain Maker Funnel" Offer?
It's an offer which meets three criteria:

 1. It's superior to your competitor's offer.
 2. It's irresistible to prospects because of its value proposition.
 3. It's a no-brainer for prospects because of how it eliminates perceived risk.

And now that you understand how valuable having a Rain Maker Funnel offer is for your marketing, I want you to imagine how many more customers you'll be getting...
How much more profitable all your marketing will be...
And how much more website traffic you'll be able to afford and get, when you're generating 3 to 10 times more new customers than you are right now.

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