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30 Day Community Event
Showcasing The Chosen Master Chamber Spotlight Dealer of Market Place
- Awareness for Local First Responders 
- Top 50-100 Featured Local Chamber of Commerce Small Businesses 
- 200k Direct Invitations & News Media
- $2 Million Dollars of Gifts Will be given away, Gift distribution will be held at the Spotlight Dealer Location
- 30 Day Campaign starts or ends with an 8 Day Automotive Staffed Event by Spotlight Dealers of America

Event Can be Booked with 1-2 Week Notice. 

1ST or last 8 DAYS ONLY: Full Staffed Event with Desk Manager, Closer/F&I Manager, and 8-12 Sales Reps

Support:, Charity Booth on Site, The Button Nation onsite, Members Only Credit Network onsite, Full Dealer Kit, Art, Production, Direct Mail, News Media Blitz, and Pre-Sale Training. 

Required Minimum Inventory: 
80 Plus Retail Ready Pre-Owned & New Inventory if applies

Team Details: 
Hosted by Roe Hubbard/CEO, Team Leader with 2 Closers & 10-12 Sales Reps

Campaign Details: 
Starts or ends with 8 Day Staffed Event & 30 Days as Showcased Spotlight Dealer or Chamber Master Dealer, 

50-100 Local Businesses of Chamber of Commerce, Local First Responders Awareness, 

VIP Benefit at end of 30 Days, & Job Expo with Chamber of Commerce at end of 30 Days. 

All Gift Distribution of 2 Million dollars of gifts will be done at Spotlight Dealer Location and Booth for 30 Days. 

All Leads from each local company and marketing funnel to the Dealer.

8 Day Staffed Marketing Plan:
200,000 Sales Event Invitations Total
40,000 Targeted Direct Mail
w/ Live Call Center
w/ Live Real Time Dashboard
w/ Custom URL for Online Prize Registration

100K Geo Targeted Invitations
60K Multi Channel Digital Invitations
News Media & The Button Nation Featured Listing & Lead Generation

1400 Gift Packages to be given away
First Responders Charity Booth Onsite w/Silent Auction Items & Raffle Tickets
Raffling a Mystery Car & Acapulco Resort Vacation

Event Sponsors & Participants: Featured Local Companies, Members Only Credit Network, & First Responders Foundation, The Button Nation, & Spotlight Dealers of America.

Single Insurance Prize Policy for Car Give- away and cash game
Dealer Kit w/Balloons, Tags, Tape, Proposals, and raffle tickets
Full Production, Art, Delivery, Tracking, and logistics included
Pre-Sale Training & Event Set Up day before event starts, training & accountability daily

$5000 Sales Booster Sponsored by The Button Nation, NO Charge to dealer or Spotlight Dealers of America

Pricing for Dealer:
AD Budget Fronted: $25,000-$50,000 
All Fronted by Spotlight Dealers of America

Refundable Deposit Due Upfront by Spotlight Dealer: $7500
*When Sale Reaches First Fundable Gross, Dealer gets paid back $7500 Deposit and Spotlight Dealers of America (SDA) is paid back Fronted Ad Budget to cover all Advertising cost.

*Commissions for SDA starts at $25,001 and up, not paid on first $25,000 Gross Profit if Sale Doesn’t produce at least $200k of Gross Profit first 8 Days as Guarantee.

SDA Commissions: 24% of Total Gross, front & back
Salesperson Commissions: 25% of Front End ONLY after Sales Pack
Fundable Deals Only: *Commissions Paid within 24-48 hours of conclusion of event

"Little Drops of Water Made The Mighty Ocean"
ONLY 1 SPOT AVAILABLE in your community
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Secret #1
You'll Learn The #1 Technique of how we add thousands of local referral based leads to your current data-base from our Rain Maker & Spotlight Dealer Programs. 

Secret #2
The ONLY Business to Community Technique You Need To Actually Sell 30-40 more cars per event or month.. Even If You've Never used a funnel or been featured as the VIP Dealer Before
Secret #3
How To Monetize Your "Spotlight Dealer" Badge For Additional Market Share, ROI, CSI, Community Embracement, and Advanced Training...

good news, look who's presenting...

See Roe Hubbard's Profile Page & 1000's of Dealer & Automotive Recommendations on Linked In

Roe Hubbard, ceo & founder
Roe Hubbard is the top Endorsed on LinkedIn & Recommended Automotive Marketing Mind of this Decade. He was chosen by Spike TV to be the Automotive Co-Host on Car Lot Rescue and named #1 Closer in America

He's a Best Selling Author with Brian Tracy, & the Leading Authority on how to connect a community together with a chosen spotlight dealer to massively increase sales and market share for dealerships nationwide. 

Roe has been in the business since 1995, from sales, finance, desk, gm, co-owner, and has created the brand "For the Community" Spotlight Dealers in a way that is simply brilliant and very exclusive for his dealer clients. 

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